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You can never go wrong being too safe.

Whether you drive a quick sports car, a dependable hatchback filled with sports equipment, a luxury sedan, or a quirky vintage Beetle, you need insurance to protect it.

But trying to figure out what works best for you among the various types of auto insurance, limits, deductibles, and premiums can be confusing.

That’s where Policy Scout comes in. We understand every person has different needs. We explain insurance in clear terms and provide quotes from dozens of insurers so you can easily find the best rates.

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What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance can help pay for the damages and injuries you’re responsible for and can shield you from lawsuit damages. Most states require this coverage, though the mandatory limits may vary.

Collision Damage

Collision damage will pay for your car’s repairs, even when it’s your fault. If you total your car, your insurer will send you a check for the actual cash value of your car. This type of coverage is optional.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will protect for damage to or loss of your car for reasons other than an accident, such as theft, flooding, and falling trees. This type of coverage is also optional.

Auto Insurance Terms to Understand

1. Car Insurance Claims

This is when you contact your insurer to report an accident that your policy covers. Your insurance company will appoint an insurance adjuster to evaluate your claim and inform you how much your insurer will pay.

2. Car Insurance Deductible

This is the out-of-pocket amount you must pay upfront for a claim with your insurer before they will pay for any covered car repairs or reimburse you for a totaled car. To get a lower deductible per accident, you must pay a higher premium.

3. Car Insurance Premiums

This is the total annual amount you will pay for your policy; it can usually be paid annually or broken up into monthly payments.

Consider several options when trying to find the best for auto insurance quotes.

Your car insurance rates will vary depending your driving record, marital status, age and so much more.
Your Age

Depending on your age you'll see an significant increase or decrease to your car insurance premiums.

Your Driving Record

Keep in mind that your driving history plays a huge factory when selecting auto insurance. Drive safe and slow down. 😉

Your Assets

If you have more than a car like say a home, boat, etc. you can bundle and save with your car insurance.

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