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Life Insurance

We break down barriers to understanding life and final expense policies. View guides or read reviews of popular plans.

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Medicare can be complicated. Explore our guides to basic coverage, supplement plans, Medicare Advantage, and more.

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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance doesn't work like you might think - we've done our homework to understand the policy options and benefits out there. Start by scouting your options, or viewing our reviews.

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Auto Insurance

We've done the work to learn what goes into auto insurance. View guides to getting the best rates or browse provider reviews.

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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance can be complicated. Explore our guides to basic coverage, end-of-life plans, chronic health conditions, and more.

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May 2022 – Top Rated Pet Providers

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Best For High Risk Needs
What We Like
  • Accidental coverage includes dental, skin, and traumatic injury protection.
  • Coverage for hereditary diseases in cats and dogs
  • 100% Online Enrollment
Best For Customer Service
What We Like
  • Choose-your-own maximum option
  • 48 hour waiting period for accident coverage
  • Only 20% discount on hospital services
Best For Plan Variety
What We Like
  • Average savings of 90% on veterinary bills
  • Routine care rider available
  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee
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Pet Insurance 101

Pet Insurance Basics

Pet insurance is like health insurance for your pet: most policies cover unexpected and expensive medical costs like accidents, emergency care, and surgery, though some also cover routine vet visits and prescriptions. Medical expenses for pets can be costly, and many pet owners do not have money set aside for a serious accident.

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What types of pet insurance are available?

There are two main types of pet insurance policies: comprehensive and accident only.

Is pet insurance worth it?

The average pet owner spends $680 or more a year on their pets before any significant medical expenses. The two questions you should ask yourself while considering pet insurance are: How much can you afford to pay in case of an emergency for your pet? And, what tolerance do you have for risk?

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Common Pet Insurance Questions


What pets are eligible for pet insurance?

Most pet insurance plans are only available for cats and dogs, though some plans can cover exotic pets as well.


What does pet insurance cover?

Most pet insurance plans cover some portion of medications, vet visits, and major costs like chemotherapy and surgery.


Why might I be denied pet insurance?

Some pet insurance plans can't insure animals with chronic health conditions, or certain breeds that are at a high risk. That's why it pays to compare plans.

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