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Agile Pet Insurance Review


Agile Health Insurance is provides short term health insurance plans but they also have pet insurance plans as part of their offerings. They have nationwide coverage and are based out of Mountain View, California. Companion Protect is the name of their pet insurance plan and it covers a wide range of accidents and illnesses for cats and dogs.

Their process is not unlike other pet insurance policies. You simply get treatment for your pet, use their online portal or call a representative to file a claim, and you get reimbursed for the cost of that treatment if it is covered.

Agile Pet Insurance provides affordable, simple and comprehensive options for cats and dogs. Simple options and broad coverage make policy management easy.

Agile uses an online application and claims system that most customers say they find easy to use for managing their pets' care. They also offer discounts for things such as insuring multiple pets as well as discounts for military members or those who work for animal welfare organizations.

Customers of Agile Insurance report a high rate of claims acceptance for ailments not always covered by other pet insurance plans, like mouth and tooth injuries, ear infections, hip dysplasia, and others. There is also a quick turn-around time on claims and most are processed within three to five business days. However, if you are looking for coverage for wellness/preventive care you may want to look at other options as they do not offer this type of coverage.

Here are some pros and cons for Agile Pet Insurance plans:


  • Easy online claims system with quick turn around time

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Covers a wide array of illnesses and accidents

  • No waiting period

  • No restrictions on which vet you can go to

  • Variety of discounts

  • Covers up to $100,000 per year

  • $100 deductible and 80% reimbursement for most services

  • Premiums don't increase with age


  • Cost: the premiums are relatively high compared to competitors

  • Pre-approval required for some services

  • Only offers coverage for cats and dogs - other types of pets are not eligible for coverage

All in all, although it is a little more expensive than it's competitors, Agile Pet Insurance offers high quality service and coverage options for your pet. It is particularly good for those who could take advantage of their discount options, such as multiple pet owners. Get started with an Agile pet insurance quote with PolicyScout today.