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UnitedHealthcare Medicare
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About UnitedHealthcare Medicare

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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Review


UnitedHealthcare is a nationwide health insurance provider that offers coverage in all 50 states. With over 1.2 million physicians and healthcare professionals across 6,500 hospitals and other healthcare facilities, it is one of the largest health insurance networks in the country.

PolicyScout Review

Although UnitedHealthcare’s plans are generally more expensive than other health insurance providers, we’ve found their strong customer service and user-friendly online tools are a major perk to this particular provider. Some of UnitedHealthcare's more popular supplement plans include Plans C, F, K, and L. The latter two plans are a little scant in the offerings however, they may be optimal if you are looking for coverage for senior care and/or senior living options.

Here are some pros of the UnitedHealthcare offerings:

  • Vast provider network: With over one million doctors in nearly 6,000 hospitals throughout the country, chances are you will find a provider and care center in your area through the UnitedHealthcare Network.

  • Fewer denied claims: UnitedHealthcare boasts a low percentage of denied claims, getting people the care they need without financial stress.

  • Extensive online tools: UnitedHealthcare’s online tools are easy to use and extensive — less time spent on the phone and more of your time spent doing what you enjoy.

  • Cost savings: UnitedHealthcare offers one of the lowest cost prescription plans in the nation.

  • Personalized health resources: Discounted gym memberships, wellness coaching, 24/7 nurse support, and connections with classes and community events.

  • Personal assistance: Navigate4Me™ program offers you a dedicated contact to guide you through the sometimes complicated healthcare system.

  • Guaranteed Renewable: Your coverage can’t and won’t be canceled for medical reasons.

Special Features Offered

In April 2019, UnitedHealthcare announced that it’s advancing its collaboration with care providers and the United States government in order to deliver high-quality healthcare by offering a new UnitedHealthcare Care Bundles Program. This program will offer care providers in more than 30 states the opportunity to participate in bundled payment models for their patients enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans. These payment models will be offered for certain procedures, such as hip and knee replacements, as well as coronary bypasses.

This new offering aims to provide high-quality healthcare at a lower cost by setting price and quality standards for popular procedures and treatments. Care providers will be rewarded for exceeding these standards, and in the end, customers will be provided excellent healthcare at a lower cost.

Other Important Topics to Note

UnitedHealthcare is expansive in its offerings and coverage, however there are a few cons that we think are important to keep in mind.

  • Expensive plans: UnitedHealthcare is one of the most expensive health insurance companies in the country.

  • AARP membership required: To enroll in a Medicare supplement policy with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions, you must be a member of AARP. You can apply for your AARP membership while you register for your plan.

  • No prescription coverage on supplemental plans: Their Medicare supplement plans do not offer dental, vision, or coverage for your prescription drugs.