Mutual of Omaha Medicare Medicare Review

By Policy Scout
Updated Jul 11, 2022
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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Review


Mutual of Omaha has been a leader in the health insurance industry for over 100 years. In 1909, the company began under the name Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association. The company started in (you guessed it) Omaha, Nebraska. The company started offering Medicare Supplement plans in 1966. Today the company has more than 11 million members. Mutual of Omaha is ranked #336 on Fortune 500’s top companies. The company has been on the list for 23 years. Mutual of Omaha also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

PolicyScout Review

Mutual of Omaha offers all of the 10 Medicare supplement plans available (this varies from state to state) and works with Medicare Parts A and B.

Mutual of Omaha has generally positive reviews across the board. Mutual of Omaha receives an overall 8.9/10 for their supplement plans from They state, “Mutual of Omaha immediately gets top points for allowing prospective customers to request online Medigap quotes that only take a minute to complete and show up on the screen.” RetirementLiving gives the plans 4.3/5 stars and cites that Mutual of Omaha gives the best advice and is the most helpful. The website also comments, “As one of the original Medicare administration companies, Mutual of Omaha has the history and experience to understand how to work with Medicare effectively for its clients.” 

Mutual of Omaha even publishes reviews on their website. The average customer rating on their website is 4.4/5 stars. Of the low reviews, many customers note the high prices, poor record-keeping, and lack of offered fitness programs as reasons for their ratings. 

Special Features Offered

One major benefit of Mutual of Omaha is their vision plan. Members of Mutual of Omaha’s supplementary plans are automatically enrolled in EyeMed Vision Care. Members unlock unlimited savings through EyeMed Vision Care including $50 eye exams, discounted prices on lenses, 40% off frames that cost up to $140, and 30% off other services. 

Other noteworthy benefits include no applications fees, quick policy issue, electronic delivery of temporary ID card, and depending on your state, you can have up to 12% on household discounts. 

Other Important Topics to Note

Like many health insurance giants, Mutual of Omaha has dabbled in the philanthropic sector. The Mutual of Omaha Foundation was founded in 2005 and has invested more than $35 million in efforts to improve the quality of life in their hometown of Omaha, NE. Their mission is to “break the cycle of poverty and invest in major capital projects that strengthen our community.” The company is also a proud sponsor of professional golf. 

You already may be aware of Mutual of Omaha because of its wildly (no pun intended) popular television program, “Wild Kingdom”. The show focused on wildlife and was hosted by Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler. Fowler passed away this May. The program aired on major networks like NBC and Animal Planet. The show was beloved by many and aired from 1963 to 1988 and was revived from 2002 to 2011. The series now exists online and publishes shorter webisodes.