Gerber Life Medicare Medicare Review

By Policy Scout
Updated May 11, 2020
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Best known for its life insurance policies for children, Gerber Life Insurance Company has grown into one of the most reputable name-brand insurance companies in the United States. Launched in 1967, Gerber Life has been a leading provider of insurance products for the past five decades. The New York-based company offers a variety of products for people of all ages. Such products include life insurance for both children and adults, college plans, accident protection, and more. Families, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses, can benefit from one or more of the many options that Gerber Life has to offer. With an emphasis on helping customers achieve financial security and an “A” rating from AM Best, Gerber Life currently serves over 3 million policyholders in the United States.

With Medicare supplement insurance from Gerber Life, you have the freedom to select the practitioners who will treat you as well as the location you receive treatment, as long as they accept Medicare. This is great news for those who already have a healthcare provider and don’t want to switch.

Gerber Life has a reputation for prioritizing health and wellness and was recognized in 2009 by the Ward Group as one of the Top 50 Performing Life & Health Companies in the United States. This recognition demonstrates Gerber Life as an industry leader that has achieved superior performance in comparison to competitors.

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Here are some pros and cons based on our analysis of Gerber Life Medicare Supplement Insurance:


  • Excellent financial strength, as the company is able to pay out claims in a timely manner

  • Long-standing reputable company in the life insurance realm


  • Expensive premiums compared to competitors

  • New to the Medicare supplement business (currently under 10 years)

  • No Medicare SELECT plans offered

  • Policy-writing fee when you sign up

Gerber Life Insurance Company got its start in life insurance products for babies and children, helping young families save for college. They also offer some life insurance products for senior citizens. Though they’ve been in business since the late 1960s, they’ve only broken into the Medicare supplement business in the last decade. With higher than usual premiums, Gerber is perhaps best for those who have other insurance through the company or are particularly interested in strong customer service.

Generally speaking, customers who have their Medicare plans have been happy with the service and coverage provided. Customers can find peace of mind knowing they have a high-quality insurance company with strong financial backing to support them in their time of medical need.