Continental Life Medicare Medicare Review

By Policy Scout
Updated Oct 30, 2019
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Continental Life Medicare Review


Established over 30 years ago and headquartered in Tennessee, Continental Life Insurance is known for having a strong and unwavering commitment to providing personalized service to all of their policyholders. Continental Life’s parent company is Aetna — one of the country’s top health insurance providers. Continental Life Insurance Company became a member of the Aetna family of companies in 2011, which strengthened its reliability and financial strength in the industry.

Continental Life Medicare supplement plans are an excellent option if you want the security of working with an insurance company with a long-standing reputation but need the prices and personalized services a smaller company provides.

As of 2019, Continental Life Insurance Company provides Medicare Supplement insurance coverage in the following states:

  • Delaware

  • Georgia

  • Idaho

  • Iowa

  • Louisiana

  • Minnesota

  • Rhode Island

  • Wisconsin

All other states are sold under other Aetna companies.

Continental Life provides helpful and friendly service with knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives (approximately 30,000 licensed agents) who want to provide personalized attention to each policyholder.

PolicyScout Review

Continental Life offers Medicare supplement plans A, B, F, G, N. All Continental Life Medicare supplement insurance plans can provide you coverage and bring you peace of mind where Original Medicare benefits leave off. These plans pay for your cost-sharing under Medicare — things like your hospital and outpatient co-pays and co-insurance fees.

As long as you keep paying your monthly premium on time, Continental cannot and will not cancel your coverage — whether you are sick or healthy. It is guaranteed coverage for life.

One of the best things about Continental Life plans? You can choose your own doctor without network restrictions. No referrals are needed when you need to see a specialist, either — you can choose who you’d like to see, such as your hospital and outpatient co-pays and co-insurance.

Continental Insurance Company prides themselves on their personal customer service, quick claims payment, quality products, and solid financial backing. Along with their Medicare Supplement plans, Continental Insurance sells hospital indemnity, cancer, heart attack/stroke, and other supplemental insurance plans. If you live in one of the states Continental covers, we can recommend them with confidence.

Special Features Offered

  • Offer a competitive Plan F premium

  • Excellent financial strength thanks to its parent company, Aetna

  • Over 25 years of experience in the Medicare Supplement sector

  • No in-network restrictions: you can choose your doctor and specialist without referrals, no matter what network they are in

  • Quick claims payments — no long waits to get your money

Other Important Topics to Note

While Continental Life has many great things to offer, the following items are some possible cons to take into consideration.

  • Does not offer the most popular Medicare supplement plans

  • Not available in all 50 states

  • Charges a fee to write policy

  • Does not offer Medicare SELECT plans

  • Higher end of the average monthly premium cost