American Retirement Life Medicare Medicare Review

By Policy Scout
Updated Jul 11, 2022
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American Retirement Life Medicare Review


American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC) is a subsidiary of Cigna, one of the world’s largest health organizations and a major player in the health insurance industry. ARLIC was purchased by Cigna in 2012 to launch their life & health products to a particular demographic: senior citizens.

In addition to offering Medicare supplement plans, ARLIC offers whole life insurance, cancer, cardiac and stroke plans, and other supplemental benefit plans. With an A- rating from A.M. Best, ARLIC is a solid choice for Medicare supplement plans.

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The American Retirement Life Insurance Company has many benefits, including:

  • Around-the-clock customer service: Care teams are always available to answer your questions, support your health concerns, or walk you through purchasing a policy.

  • High customer satisfaction: ARLIC has high rankings for customer satisfaction. Clients are satisfied with their competitive rates, support, and ease of use.

  • Pre-existing conditions okay: Since ARLIC services an older population, their plans are designed with pre-existing health conditions in mind. While many competitors make it difficult for those with pre-existing conditions to be insured, ARLIC has a generous and broad acceptance rate, and even insures those who have had or do have serious medical conditions.

  • Nationwide coverage: Love to travel? If you’re traveling in the United States, ARLIC will provide coverage no matter where you are. And you have the freedom to choose your doctor and hospital, too, as long as they accept Medicaid.

  • Online services: ARLIC’s online platform makes it easy to access policy coverage, set up automatic payments, print your ID cards, update personal information, and monitor your claims payments — all from your computer or phone.

Special Offers

In addition to its plans and excellent customer service, the American Retirement Life Medicare Supplement provides extras for their clients, including:

  • Household discount: If both you and your spouse are insured through ARLIC, you can receive a 7% discount on your supplement package.

  • Low-cost fitness program: With your health in mind, this program can help you stay fit, healthy, and educated about fitness and physical health.

  • Cigna Healthy Rewards®: As a subsidiary of Cigna, ARLIC provides discounts for various vision and hearing providers throughout the country, as well as nutrient and weight-loss programs. Discounts are available at various vision and hearing providers as well as nutrition and weight-loss programs.

  • 12-month rate guarantee: No need to worry about rising costs. Once you purchase an ARLIC policy, your premium remains the same throughout the first year. However, premiums may go up an annual basis thereafter.

  • Payment flexibility: You have the opportunity to choose which date you’ll pay your monthly premium.

In some states, ARLIC charges a one-time policy fee upon sign-up. This expense is sometimes unexpected, so be sure to ask if this is something you have to pay in your state. While it is an extra cost, the company is otherwise competitive with their monthly premiums.

If you have any health concerns or a pre-existing condition, ARLIC may be the right choice for you. This provider can offer you peace of mind that you’ll be covered for all your health ailments as you advance into your golden years. With an easy sign-up process (most customers can do it in one simple phone call!), ARLIC is worth investigating as a potential Medicare supplement provider.