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Nationwide Life
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About Nationwide Life

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Nationwide Life Insurance Review


For nearly 90 years, Nationwide has been a major player in the U.S. insurance industry. It offers life insurance as well as home, vehicle, and specialty insurance. The company prides itself on its flexible policies that allow customers to customize to their needs.

Nationwide is a mutual company that emphasizes customer service — mutual companies conduct business to benefit their members who also happen to be policyholders. Its user-friendly and thorough online portal allows customers to easily look for the information they need and manage policies with ease.

Over the years, Nationwide has acquired and partnered with more than 70 companies that now fall under the Nationwide banner. Thanks to its famous jingle, “Nationwide is on your side,” it has excellent brand recognition throughout the country.

PolicyScout Review


  • Wide variety of policy types to choose from

  • Add-on riders available for all plans

  • Easily customizable plans

  • Investment options available on some policies

  • Easily accessed customer support

  • Financially sound company


  • Online quotes are not available for most policy types

  • Universal life insurance options are so varied that it can get confusing

  • Customer service ratings are lower than competitors

  • No mobile app

  • Potentially higher rates than other providers

  • Heavy emphasis on your driving record

Nationwide has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an A+ rating from AM Best.

Overall, Nationwide offers a choice of life insurance plans to choose from with convenient ways to pay. Online tools include a coverage calculator, online document processing, and online estimates. Plans are customizable and you can choose policy types such as no-lapse policies and survivorship insurance. Children, spouses, and estate protection riders are also available.

Nationwide’s online portal and the claims process are easily navigated, though their rates can be higher than competitors. Its policies are flexible and address customer needs now and into the future. If your weight, smoking, or health habits are a concern, Nationwide is more forgiving and provides insurance, too, unlike some competitors.