UnitedHealthcare Health Health Insurance Review

By Policy Scout
Updated Aug 17, 2022
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UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance Review


Founded in 1977, UnitedHealthcare provides health insurance options to patients in all 50 U.S. states. UnitedHealthcare aims to provide group health insurance plans that bring together cost control and quality. According to UnitedHealthcare, its flexible group insurance plans give businesses more options to balance the budget with employee needs. When it comes to the patient side, the company offers a range of insurance plan types with a broad network of providers, offering patients the ability to have some flexibility and control over their health care needs. Though UnitedHealthcare is one of the more expensive major insurance providers, the insurer does have a user-friendly website with an extensive variety of online tools that are easy to use. That makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want to easily manage aspects of their health care online.

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Pricing is not the only aspect that individuals should consider when it comes to choosing a health care insurance provider. The insured should also feel comforted in knowing that they will be able to get access to the health care provider or service they need when they need them without any issues. Below, we’ll look at the different ratings for UnitedHealthcare based on customer satisfaction and financial strength.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, UnitedHealthcare leaves something to be desired. The insurer has earned a 1/5 from J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey, suggesting that many customers are not satisfied with their experience with the company. That being said, UnitedHealthcare has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, based on its ability to satisfactorily manage complaints. UnitedHealthcare also provides a wealth of online tools and management options, making it easy for beneficiaries to see and manage many aspects of their health insurance plan online.

Financial Strength

From a financial standpoint, UnitedHealthcare shows financial stability with an A rating from A.M. Best, an independent rating agency that evaluates the financial strength of insurance companies. UnitedHealthcare also earned an A1 credit rating from Moody’s. This suggests that UnitedHealthcare will be able to pay health providers when claims are made.

Overall Verdict

Although UnitedHealth may not rank as high as competitors when it comes to customer satisfaction scores, it does offer more and sometimes better options when it comes to services per plan tier. Additionally, the company’s easy-to-use website and wealth of online tools make it easy for beneficiaries to manage their own health access and services online. This makes UnitedHealth a great option for those who need flexibility in services and providers as well as online access to plan management.