HCSC Health Health Insurance Review

By Policy Scout
Updated Jul 11, 2022
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HCSC Health Insurance Review


Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association — the largest customer-owned health insurance provider in the United States. Founded in 1936, HCSC serves more than 16 million members across five states: Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Montana. HCSC provides group and individual health plans, including HMO, PPO, point of care, high-deductible, and supplemental Medicare.

HCSC offers access to cost-effective health care and equips members with information and tools to make positive life choices and health care decisions for themselves and their families. Being a customer-owned insurance provider means that HCSC is not a publicly traded company. Their investors are the policyholders, and thus, the company’s top priority is customer satisfaction.

The company is a pioneer in the industry not just for being customer-owned, but as the first health insurance provider to offer coverage for a number of important medical procedures such as heart and bone marrow transplants as well as cancer and leukemia treatments. HCSC is a leader in the development of value-based health care models that encourage collaboration and accountability of the health care providers in-network to improve their members’ experiences in accessing health care.

Though HCSC operates in only a handful of states, it has more than 60 local offices. Illinois is the largest concentration of customers, accounting for over 50 percent of its customer base, with Texas accounting for 35 percent.

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HCSC has strong financial standing, with a rating of “A” (excellent) from A.M. Best Company and an AA- (very strong) from Standard & Poors.

Health Care Service Corporation’s small geographical reach allows them to stay close to customers to meet their needs. The company has medical policies that serve as guidelines for benefit coverage decisions. Medical policies by HCSC are based on data from peer-reviewed scientific research in order to allow providers to make informed decisions for care.

HCSC provides its members with healthy living options and programs. Members can take advantage of an online health assessment tool, smoking cessation support, weight-loss programs, maternity health programs, and fitness programs, and they also have access to a 24/7 nurse hotline to get medical advice when needed.

The technologically friendly provider offers mobile alerts (via text or email) for customers for the following: claims information, exercise and fitness tips, prescription drug reminders, diabetes diet tips, and heart-healthy diet management tips.

HCSC is dedicated to educating its members with information and tools so they can make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families. The company recognizes that managing health requires more than just doctors’ visits and routine tests. As a result, they offer care management and wellness resources through the “Blue Care Connection” — a program created to help members and their families reach their health and wellness goals. The Blue Care Advisors are registered nurses and other healthcare professionals who work with members to provide education, coaching, and health monitoring of existing conditions as well as preventative health care. Their Care Management program is very helpful for those who are in the hospital or have visited the ER recently, and who may need help understanding their treatment and how their health care benefits can best be used.


  • Financial stability

  • Outstanding healthy living programs and support for members

  • Mobile alerts keep members “in the know” about claims and health-related concerns

  • Member-owned and focused on wellness

  • Offers good side-by-side analysis on various plans to help you make an informed decision


  • Limited coverage territory, providing insurance in only five states

  • Policies are quoted slightly higher than average