Medigap Plan N

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Choosing the right supplemental insurance plan to help with the extra costs that Original Medicare doesn't cover is essential. Luckily, Plan N offers a way to bridge the gap in coverage. Yet, it's critical to have basic insight into what Plan N offers. Consider these fundamental factors of Plan N:

What is Medigap/Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N is a supplemental insurance plan that picks up the bill for some of the costs that Original Medicare does not cover. This may include extra charges like your copayment, deductible or coinsurance. Just like all Medigap policies, Plan N must consist of Plan A from Original Medicare. This include may include the coinsurance coverage after Medicare pays for your hospital stay for 365 days.

The plan also provides full coverage for the cost of the first three pints of blood, your Part A deductible, the copayment and coinsurance for your Part A hospice care and the coinsurance for your skilled nursing facility care. However, Part N only pays the coinsurance for your Part B (medical costs) at 100 percent unless your doctor visit copayment is $20. Part B coverage may also not be covered on some emergency room visits that cost up to $50, as of 2019.

How to Find Medigap/Medicare Supplement Plan N Providers

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