Can Someone Steal Your Identity With Your ID?

Read our guide to understand how your driver’s license can be used to steal your identity. 
By Mike Parker
Updated Nov 21, 2022
A hacker stealing their identities.
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If you’ve ever lost your drivers license, passport, or had your wallet stolen, it can be a stressful situation.

In some cases, people can use your driver's license, passport, or other personal documents to steal your identity and commit fraud.

This article will cover how a person can use your driver's license to steal your identity and give you tips on how to prevent it from happening.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the use of another person’s identity to commit fraud or unauthorized activities. This typically happens when the victim's personal information is leaked, stolen, or hacked by people.

There are different types of identity theft that people can become a victim of, including:

  • Online Identity Theft

  • Physical Identity Theft.

Once a person has a key piece of identification, such as a driver's license or social security number, they can commit fraud using your identification in a number of ways.

Someone who has had their identity stolen.

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What Important Information Can Be Used On My Driver’s License?

Driver’s license information can be used in some way to make your identity more vulnerable to attacks from malicious actors.

What is a malicious actor?

A malicious actor is a person or group of people who are trying to do damage or hurt someone else through their actions. Malicious actors can include fraudsters, scam artists, conmen, and identity thieves.

The best way to protect yourself against these types of criminals is to stay on top of your identity protection and to look out for attempts to steal your identity.

Your driver's license has lots of sensitive information on it and in the wrong hands, people can learn personal details about you that they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Driver’s license number

  • Passport number

  • Physical characteristics (height, weight, hair/eye color)

  • Signature

  • Picture

Criminals can use key pieces of information like your driver’s license number to access your official driving record. 

They can also potentially use your driver’s license information to commit further fraud, like accessing your credit report or changing your credit card accounts.

A person whose driver's license has been stolen.

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What Can Someone Do With My Drivers’ License?

This will depend on the person who has your driver's license and what they would like to do. The important thing to remember is that the person who has your drivers’ license now has detailed personal information about you.

Your driver’s license holds important information about your physical appearance, so one thing that can happen is that they use this information as part of a social engineering attempt to access your bank accounts, credit cards, your credit report, or other important accounts.

What is social engineering or social hacking?

Social engineering or social hacking is a type of fraud where an identity thief will try to exploit weaknesses in a system through human interaction to gain access to private or personal information.

For example, a fraudster might pretend to be your partner and then pressure a bank consultant to approve payments or give out sensitive information such as passwords or account details.

This can have devastating consequences  if they are successful especially if they gain access to confidential information such as

  • Your Credit Report

  • Your Credit Accounts

  • Your Financial Statements

  • Your Bank Account.

For example, if your bank uses security questions to verify your identity, like “When was your birthday?”, a scam artist might be able to answer them with the information you have on your driver's license.

There are other direct ways that a person might be able to use your driver’s license to make debt in your name, steal your money, or commit more serious crimes under your name.

For example, if someone were to get a hold of your driver's license, they may be able to use the document to open a bank account in your name and start receiving illegal payments from people overseas.

Or, if a person were to have your driver’s license and your checkbook, they might be able to forge your signature accurately by looking at your license.

They can also use your identity documents and personal information to gain access to even more sensitive information like your social security number.

A person may even adjust their appearance so that they look similar to you and can use your identity documents to commit crimes like theft, robbery, trespassing, and other offenses. 

Types of Fraud

Check fraud occurs when someone uses a counterfeit or stolen check to make a purchase or withdraw funds from an account.

Medical fraud happens when someone fakes an illness or injury in order to collect insurance benefits.

Government fraud occurs when someone misuses government benefits or resources for personal gain.

The best way to protect yourself against all forms of fraud is to use a top-notch digital identity protection program that monitors your bank accounts, credit records, and online shopping.

A person who has stolen someone's identity.

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How Do I Prevent People From Using My Personal Information To Commit Fraud Or Crimes?

Most people don’t know they’ve become victims of identity theft until it’s too late, and in some cases, this can lead to long drawn out legal proceedings and damaged reputations that can take years to recover from.

If you realize that your driver’s license or passport is missing or has been stolen, you’ll need to act quickly to prevent them from using your identity. Report identity theft as soon as it happens.

The first thing you should do is report your stolen or missing driver’s license or passport to local law enforcement. If your wallet is missing or stolen, then make that you state which documents were inside so there is a physical record of the theft.

Then contact your bank and let them know that some of your personal information has been stolen and that they need to be on guard against any attempts to withdraw money or make changes to your accounts.

If your wallet was stolen and you suspect you’re the victim of identity theft, you should also contact your credit card company and notify them. They can stop or reverse any transactions that the thief is trying to process in your name.

Digital Identity Protection Help

The process of getting new debit cards and credit cards can be time consuming and stressful. You also have to deal with protecting your accounts from unauthorized purchases and fraudulent charges.

Using a top-notch digital identity protection solution can help make the process easier. Not only will it be able to send you instant fraud alerts, but it will also be able to give you fraud protection so that you don’t end up losing money or incurring debt in your name.

Reach out to one of our agents today on 1-888-912-2132 to find the best digital identity protection products.

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How Do I Know If Someone Has Access To My Driver's License?

Unfortunately, people only realize that their personal information has been used by another person when it’s too late. 

The best way to counter any attempts to steal your identity is to be on guard. Check your wallet regularly, never show or share sensitive information with people, and if you notice that something is missing, act quickly.

Another way to add a sense of security to your life is to use digital identity protection software, which can monitor your credit records, online shopping accounts, and transactions to notify you when someone is trying to steal your money or use your name.

These programs can instantly notify you of any changes to your credit reports, bank accounts, and online shopping accounts. They can also actively prevent people from stealing a lot of money from you if your ID documents are ever stolen and misused by a criminal.

A hacker stealing someone's identity

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What Important Information Can Be Used On My Passport?

A passport is a document that proves your identity and citizenship. It is issued by your country's government and must be renewed every few years. 

When you apply for a passport, you will need to provide proof of your identity, such as a birth certificate or driver's license.

Your passport contains sensitive information that can be used by people to steal your money, make debt in your name, and commit fraud. This includes your name, date of birth, and place of birth.

It also has a copy of your signature and your physical characteristics which can be used by fraudsters to potentially steal your identity.


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What Do You Do If Your Driver’s License Or Passport Is Stolen?

If you have had your driver's license or passport stolen, there are a few steps you should take as soon as possible. 

First, report the fraud or theft to the appropriate authorities. This will help to prevent the thief from using your documents for identity fraud. 

Next, contact your local DMV or passport office and request replacement documents. You will need to provide proof of identity and fill out some paperwork. 

Finally, make sure to update your information with any organizations that might have a copy of your old driver's license or passport. 

By taking these steps, you can help to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. However, the best solution for protecting your identity is to use a service or program that can prevent identity theft in real-time.

These programs can not only notify you of attempts to steal your identity, but also actively stop scammers by working with national credit bureaus, financial institutions, and credit reporting agencies.

If you’d like to speak to someone about your identity theft protection options, reach out to one of our agents today to find out more about the best products out there.

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Identity Theft And Your Id Documents FAQs

Can someone steal your identity with a picture of your ID?

Yes, if a person has a copy of identity documents like your driver’s license or passport, they may be able to steal your identity. This is because these documents have some detailed personal information that can leave you exposed to fraud and identity theft.

Can you get scammed with your ID?

Yes, if someone has your identity documents they may be able to use them to commit fraud or identity theft. Always keep your driver’s license and passport in a safe place and never give them to anyone for safe keeping.

What can someone steal with your ID?

If a criminal gets a hold of your identity documents, they may try to sell them onto other criminals on the dark web. They may also try to open bank accounts in your name or write checks and use your documents as proof of identity when doing so.

Where Can I Learn More About Digital Identity Protection?

If you’ve noticed that your identity documents are missing or may have been stolen then you should act quickly to stop any damage to your reputation and finances.

Using a top-notch digital identity protection plan can also help you monitor and prevent fraud from happening if your identity documents are ever stolen.

If you’re interested in finding out about digital identity protection topics or want to find out how you can enhance your online security, visit our digital identity hub today.

Need more specific advice? Call us today on 1-888-912-2132 and speak to one of our agents to get personalized recommendations on products and services you can buy to get comprehensive protection against identity theft.