Best Insurance Blogs for 2022

Here are the top 50 insurance blogs you need to check out for what’s cutting in the insurance industry.
By Peter K.
Updated Apr 6, 2022
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The insurance industry is complex and constantly evolving with new products, laws, policies, and innovations. Leading industry players such as insurance companies, Governments agencies, agents, brokers and insurance law specialists have created blogs to keep web visitors abreast with the trends.

 A blog gives insurance players a platform to work on their branding, establish themselves as an authority, and release industry news directly to their clients and potential customers. Having a robust, active online social presence has become an absolute must in this new era of the insurance business.

Here are the top 50 insurance blogs you need to check out for what’s cutting in the insurance industry.

1. Murray Group Insurance & Financial Services

Murray group is an independent insurance agency offering a suite of insurance solutions in Albany and throughout the Capital Region of New York. Murray Group specializes in Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance and Employee Benefits services. You can find out more on their Facebook and Instagram page.


2. Voldico

Officially formed in 2010, Voldico is an insurance agency network that specializes in helping insurance agents access insurance carriers, streamlining backroom operations, and networking with industry players. Through the agents, customers seeking diverse insurance needs can ride on Voldico network to find a product that suits their needs. Find out more information about Voldico on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


3. Insurance Law Hawaii

This blog provides information and commentary at the intersection of insurance and law in Hawaii and beyond. All classes of insurance are covered by this blog as long as the law is concerned. Top contributor is Tred Eyerly, practices law in Honolulu, Hawaii, specializing in insurance coverage issues. Here is the blogs Facebook page.


4. Pacific Prime Blog

Pacific Prime insurance brokers is registered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Dubai and Shanghai. The blog specializes in health insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and travel insurance. You can learn more about them on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube channel.


5. Insurance Canada

Insurance-Canada blog, The Intersection, provides information on how technology impacts the insurance industry in Canada. The blog target audience is insurance consumers and industry professionals. Check their social channel on Twitter and LinkedIn.


6. Gordon Atlantic Insurance

Gordon Atlantic Insurance covers personal insurance, commercial insurance, and life insurance. In the blog section, you will find interesting general topics such as book reviews, recipes written by the company’s staff. Here is the website and social media pages on Twitter and YouTube.

7. A-Win Insurance Blog

The blog provides information on a range of insurance services provided by the company, A-WIN insurance.Top takeaways in the blog include auto insurance, business insurance, property insurance, and travel insurance. They are on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

8. Safeco Insurance Blog

The blog contains information on topics related to home and car insurance, the company's area of specialization. The resources are available in both English and Spanish language. Here is the link to their website and social media pages on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

9. Life Happens Blog

The blog features topics on life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. Find more on their website and social media platforms on FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram, and YouTube channels.

10. Insurance Journal Blog

The Insurance Journal blog covers Property and Casualty insurance news and features sourced across the United States. Find more on their website and social media pages on Facebook,  TwitterYouTube and LinkedIn.

11. Insurance Information Institute Triple-I Blog

The blog aims to provide timely information and discussion on contemporary insurance topics. The blog features guest blogs, besides the regular contributors. The Institutes mission is to improve public understanding of insurance. The website also provides data-driven insights to empower insurance consumers. Their social media channels are on FacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn.


12. The AllState Blog

The blog focuses on insurance issues regarding your home, pets, auto, motorcycle, boat insurance, small businesses and term life insurance. The site is also available in Spanish Language. Check their website and social media platforms on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

13. The Lemonade Blog

The blog features articles on insurance through the behavioral economics lens. Top insurance topics covered are homeowners' insurance, pet insurance and renters insurance. You will also find a section on insurance-related life hacks. They have social media platforms on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube


14. The Economical Blog

The blog features information on Economical niche of car and home insurance, group insurance, business insurance and farm insurance. You will also find insurance brokers information and brokers near you. They are on TwitterInstagram and YouTube.


15. Health Insurance Blog

The health insurance blog, the Scoop, specializes in providing health insurance news across all the States. The blog also provides relevant consumer information and analysis on health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Their Social media platform are on FacebookYouTube and Twitter.


16. PolicyScout Blog

PolicyScout specializes in helping you navigate the insurance jungle by making it easy to find, buy and understand insurance. PolicyScout will match you with multiple insurance companies, guide you on how to apply for coverage and compare multiple companies.

The Policy Scout blog contains recommendations and educational articles from insurance experts on Medicare, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Home insurance, Auto insurance and Pet insurance.

Follow PolicyScout social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



This blog is managed by the Federal Governments' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The site outlines Federal governments healthcare policies and Laws. On the main site, you can apply for coverage, keep or update your healthcare plan and get answers to all your health insurance marketplace questions. Check their social media platforms on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.


18. Haven Life Blog

This blog provides content specifically on Life Insurance niche. You will find interesting articles on Money and Wellness. You can sign up for the most read blogs sent directly to your email. They are also on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


19. Elephant Insurance Blog

The blog provides readers with insurance content for products such as car insurance, homeowners/condo insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, motorcycle insurance, Life and Umbrella insurance. Elephant's social media platforms are on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.


20. Insurance Business America Magazine Blog

The blog covers top stories in the commercial insurance brokerage niche. The blog also provides readers with expert opinions and analysis on issues touching on insurance brokerage in America. Their social channels are on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.


21. Accenture Insurance Blog

The Accenture blog covers a broad range of insurance topics written by top insurance and risk management leaders in Europe and America. You will find cutting edge topics on how insurers can streamline business processes through digital capabilities. You can follow the blog on several social channels such as FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


22. Mercury Insurance Blog

Mercury insurance blog contains topics about the products offered by Mercury Insurance which include auto insurance, home insurance and business insurance. The company operates in 11 states and is headquartered in Los Angeles. You can follow the company posts on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.


23. Trupanion Blog: Barks and Musings

Visitors to this blog will find all they need to know about pets; from pet health, caring for your pet to insuring your cat and dog. The main website tagline is ‘Medical Insurance for the life of your pet. You can follow their posts on social media platforms; FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.


24. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Blog

For pet owners, this blog provides tons of information on pet insurance coverage, pet accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and so much more. You can get social with them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.


25. Majesco Blog

The blog covers technology topics and how they are disrupting insurance. Majesco company provides consultancy and insurance software solutions to enable insurance companies attain the agility needed to meet their transformation opportunities. Find Majesco on social media on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


26. The Cincinnati Insurance Companies Blog

In this blog, you will find posts on business insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and safety tips. The Company employees contribute to the blogs and you can expect a broad variety of topics. Follow the posts on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn.

Website: Cinfin Website

27. Central Insurance Company Blog

This blog from one of the oldest carriers in America covers diverse insurance and safety topics. You will find interesting blogs such as safety tips for men in the kitchen to Halloween safety. Central Insurance company offers a wide selection of coverage to both individuals and businesses. The company was founded in 1876 so you can be sure of getting great blogs. Follow their posts on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Website: Central Insurance Company Blog

28. Insurance Hub Blog

Insurance Hub offers home insurance, auto insurance, and business insurance coverage. These products form the subject of their blogs. Besides, you will also find general interest topics such as business leadership and transportation industry posts. Their social media presence is on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.


29. Merlin Law Group Property Insurance Coverage Blog

The Property Insurance Coverage blog posts are submitted by the attorneys at Merlin Law Group. The blog provides expert opinion and analysis of property insurance law. The law firm represents policyholders when their claims are denied, delayed, or underpaid. You can find their social channels on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.


30. Einsurance Blog

This blog covers different insurance-related topics on auto insurance, health insurance, business insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. The company’s core business entails comparing insurance companies to help consumers chose the best policy at the cheapest rates. Find them on TwitterFacebook, and on YouTube.


31. The Insurance Pro Blog

Founded by Brandon Roberts, a licensed insurance agent, the insurance pro blog attempts to demystify everything about life insurance. The site has plenty of blog posts on life insurance issues, such as a participating life insurance policy and how to create your own pension. You can also listen to life insurance podcasts on the site.


32. Northbridge Insurance Blog

The blog covers topics such as cyber risk, risk management, and loss prevention for businesses. Northbridge insurance provides businesses with a safety net to protect valuable business assets from unexpected losses. The blog section complements the company product by giving readers essential tips to handle business risks.


33. Pekin Insurance Blog

The blogs in the Pekin Insurance website are divided into three sections; blogs for individual, for businesses and the latest industry news. The blogs principal topics are auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and health. You can find Pekin on social media on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.


34. Society Insurance Blog

The blog provides readers with insurance tips and trends to help readers make smart safety decisions for businesses. Society Insurance company focuses on coverage for businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations. Find them on social platforms; FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.


35. Frankenmuth Insurance Blog

Frankenmuth Insurance offers business, home auto, and life insurance and have been in business for over 150 years. Their blog covers these products and other related topics such as safety tips for your home, boat, and business. Find them on social channels FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.


36. Insurance Blog by Chris

The blog by Chris Huntley, the founder of Huntley Wealth Insurance, seeks to educate consumers and give honest reviews of insurance products. Decrying the rampant agents' commission culture, Chris is on a mission against high priced policies. Find blogs on life insurance, home insurance, auto, pet and many other insurance reviews.


37. Agency Height Blog

The blog cover insurance trends, marketing, and gaps. Agency Height blog also seeks to provide insurance agents with insights to make their work more efficient. Find them on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.


38. InsuredMine Blog

InsuredMine is an insurance management app that stores insurance data in the cloud. The App allows users to access data, set reminders, and derive business insights. InsuredMine is also on social channels FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn


39. Bankers Insurance Blog

Bankers Insurance provides property and casualty insurance coverage and several specialized products. Their blog features content like agent tips, family, flood, home, health, and safety. Find them on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


40. R & R Insurance Blog

R & R insurance offers business, personal, health insurance, and employee benefits products. The blog features products related to their products. However, most of their posts are under the business insurance category. They are also on YouTubeFacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.


41. LTC Consumer Blog

Life expectancy in America is 78 years. More Americans will need long-term care in their sunset years. The LTC blog educates and informs consumers on planning for their long term.


42. The Bailey Group Blog

The blog section covers topics health insurance, employee benefits, well being and engagement. Social platforms; FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube


43. ValChoice

ValChoice helps insurance consumers get the best value for home and auto protection. Find their social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter, among others.


44. Boshers Holiday Home Insurance Blog

The blog covers topics on their area of specialty; holiday homes. Find topics on holiday home insurance, letting, marketing, and maintenance. 


45. Disability Quotes Blog

The blog exclusively covers disability insurance topics. You can also get a quote for disability coverage on the site.


46. Scott Insurance Blog

The blog features risk management and employee benefits topics. Find their social platforms on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.


47. Golden Eagle Insurance Blog

Golden insurance provides blanket portfolio protection for lenders such as mortgage protection, consumer protection, risk management, and collection. The blog complements the range of products offered by the company. Find their social platforms on Twitter and Facebook.


48. Brown O’ Haver Blog

Brown O’ Haver specializes in helping insurance policyholders;, both individuals and businesses, in claim support and adjusting. The blog provides tips and education on handling claims, adjustment developments and legal issues.


49. Empire Life Blog

Empire Life’s mission is to help consumers protect their financial security. The company offers life insurance and critical illness coverage, group life, and health benefits. The blog covers topics on helpful insurance tips, customer service, investments, and personal finance. They are on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


50. RiskQuoter Life Insurance Blog

The company links consumers with life insurance companies based on health history and insurance needs. The blog covers life insurance underwriting for the perfectly healthy and those with medical conditions such as cancer, Hepatitis, anxiety disorders, etc. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.