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10 Health Insurance Perks To Start Using Now


10 Health Insurance Perks To Start Using Now

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Health insurance often brings to mind the monthly premiums, the struggle of finding a doctor who is in-network, or the bills that may still arrive in the mail after a clinic visit. What many people don't realize is that health insurance policies come with a plethora of perks, too. Take a look at how you're using your health insurance now, and determine what you can do to get more out of your benefits.

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Every health insurance policy is different, and some of the benefits can be complicated or require several steps to qualify. It may help to sit down with a representative of human resources or the health insurance provider to discuss your options. More and more, the healthcare industry is working to keep patients in good health, which is good news for you!

1. Money for Healthy Behavior

Who doesn't want money in their pocket? Many health insurance policies or companies will give you cash just for staying healthy. That's right. If you can prove that you are not smoking or using tobacco, you can qualify for an easy Hamilton or Jackson, putting more cash in your wallet.

2. Discounts on Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers and personal assistants are all the rage, and some health insurance companies will provide you with a fitness tracker free of charge. Usually, all you have to do is use the fitness tracker to report back on your health. It seems like a fair trade, right? Even if your company doesn't offer a free fitness tracker to you, they may offer discounts or provide perks and incentives for using one to monitor your health.

3. Nurse Expertise on the Phone

Everyone knows what it's like to manage a busy schedule, and time keeps getting tighter for the average worker. Few people have time to drive to the clinic or doctor's office, primarily if the need occurs frequently. Fortunately, health insurance companies have started offering expertise from nurses over the phone, also known as telemedicine. Simply call a hotline, and get advice from practicing nurses on what steps to take next. While they can't offer a diagnosis over the phone, you'll hear enough to know whether you can afford to skip the clinic.

4. Gym Membership Reimbursement

While large employers only sometimes offer gyms or other fitness equipment on-site, every company recognizes the importance of exercise for good health. Some health insurance companies will give you free or discounted gym memberships, or they may reimburse a portion or all of the cost. The benefit is mutual. Keeping you in shape at the gym means maintaining a healthy workplace in business.

5. Resources for Coaches or Trainers

Another perk health insurance companies have started offering comes in the large packet of materials they include in orientation: funds. The more resources a health insurance provider can offer, the better chances they have of keeping everyone in good health. Take a closer look at these resources, and you may find exactly what you're looking for. Some packets include names for life coaches, fitness trainers, or counseling hotlines.

6. Pre-Tax Childcare Funds

If your health insurance policy offers a flexible spending account, it's likely that the health insurance provider also provides support for your childcare. Many companies provide the option of transferring pre-tax income into a flexible spending account and allowing that pre-tax money to be spent on childcare. That can translate to huge savings for your family.

7. Deals on Healthy Products

Anyone with a flexible spending account knows they can use these funds on medicine, but the money you've put away to take care of your health will go a lot farther than that. Find out what qualifies for flexible spending purchases through your health insurance provider or the pharmacy where you shop, and you may be surprised. Countless numbers of healthy products can be charged to your account.

8. Preventive Care at No Cost

If you want to save money on health care, one of the best strategies is still taking advantage of preventative care. Going in for a routine check-up is free with many health insurance companies, and it could save you thousands if the regular visit catches an issue that would have been more costly to treat down the road.

9. Cessation Programs

Have a habit you're trying to ditch? Look into the options through your employer or health care provider and find out what assistance is available. You may learn that your health insurance company offers free cessation programs for smoking or tobacco use, or help with enrolling in a 12-step program. With the extra support, you'll be able to quit that bad habit in no time!

10. Free Stuff!

Under health care laws, companies are required to provide certain services to their employees. Depending on what challenges or opportunities you are facing, you may qualify for assistive devices, aides through workers' compensation, diabetic testing, and supplies, or even items and privileges that can help support life changes, like a pregnancy. Once you take a long, hard look at your health insurance policy, and all of the perks your benefits have to offer, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. More and more, health insurance companies are providing something for everyone. They are joining you in the goal of good health and making this goal easier to achieve.


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