Motorcycle Insurance 101

Vehicles such as motorcycles are concerned, even the most skilled driver has the potential for their vehicle to incur unexpected damage.
By Venus L.
Updated Dec 17, 2020
Motorcycle Insurance
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Regardless of how experienced a driver may be, securing proper insurance coverage is a must. Indeed, primarily where vehicles such as motorcycles are concerned, even the most skilled driver has the potential for their vehicle to incur unexpected damage. The failure to secure proper coverage could result in highly costly bills for the bike owner. That said, the following is an overview of how motorcycle coverage works.

Motorcycle Coverage Requirements

Wherever you reside, most states require you, motorists, to acquire liability coverage at the very least. This type of coverage does not protect you if you cause any damages to your bike; however, it can help cover costs you may incur as the result of damaging someone else's bike, vehicle, or property. The minimum required varies from state to state; however, the necessary amount of coverage is the same no matter what type of vehicle you drive. 

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Collision Coverage

This type of coverage pays for damages that are sustained to your motorcycle, minus the agreed-upon deductible. 

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage provides payments if your motorcycle is stolen or otherwise damaged outside of an accident. 

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

This type of coverage is to protect you and your passengers in the unfortunate event that someone is seriously injured. Furthermore, it may also cover things such as lost wages and other costs associated with the accident. 

Medical Payment Coverage

Although this type of insurance is not available in every state, medical payment coverage offers coverage if you or your passengers are injured while behind the wheel. However, unlike personal injury protection, medical payment coverage does not provide payments for loss of wages or other costs. Given the propensity to become injured while riding on a motorcycle, many motorcycle drivers opt for medical payment coverage whenever possible. 

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Full Coverage

A type of insurance ideal for most motorcycle owners, full coverage covers repairs as well as replacements if your bike is either stolen or damaged beyond repair. This type of insurance consists of the state-mandated minimum coverage as well as comprehensive and collision coverage. Although these plans tend to be a tad pricey, this generally is the best method of protecting yourself and your vehicle while you're on the road or parked. Moreover, full-coverage can also provide the following benefits:

  • Protection for Personal injury

  • Bodily injury liability

  • Property damage liability

  • Uninsured motorist coverage

Other Add-Ons

No matter what type of insurance you are purchasing, there is typically the option for add-ons. While they may not be available in every state, add-on coverage packages cover uncommon expenses for those who may need it. That said, let's look at some of the optional add-ons for motorcycle insurance coverage:

  • Trip Interruption Coverage:

    • This add-on service covers lodging, food, and transportation if your bike is damaged, and you must go without it for an extended period.

  • Custom Coverage

    • If you have a bike that is a limited edition or otherwise has exclusive features, custom coverage may be perfect for you. For instance, if you have chrome parts, a unique paint job, or have added other bells and whistles to your bike, this may not be covered under your regular policy.

  • Transport Trailers

    • If you typically travel with your bike using a trailer to transport it, you will want to have that covered as well. This will protect your trailer as well as your bike in the event of an accident.

  • Roadside Assistance

    • While most seem to think roadside assistance is only for full vehicles, there are many situations in which a motorcycle could benefit from this coverage. This type of insurance will allow you to receive the much-needed roadside help in the case of an emergency.

Discounted Motorcycle Insurance

Regardless where you reside, there are various options to receive discounts on your motorcycle insurance. For instance, by maintaining a clean driving record and taking defensive driving courses, you can receive discounted insurance. Furthermore, belonging to a biker's organization can also lower your bill. Additionally, if you insure more than one vehicle at a time, you are typically given a discount for all coverages. Lastly, you can get a bundle deal by buying your home and auto insurance from the same company.

Overall, purchasing motorcycle insurance is simple is you understand the essentials. Firstly, be advised that you must maintain coverage for your bike at all times when you are on the road and usually even when you are not. Coverage can be costly; however, it may be much better than paying for expenses out of pocket. In particular, medical bills, as well as those for damages caused by accidents involving vehicles, can easily reach millions of dollars. Rather than taking a chance by riding around without the proper coverage, purchasing high-quality motorcycle insurance is the best way to protect yourself and others while on the road. Furthermore, discounts can be received if you follow specific guidelines or purchase multiple types of coverage at once. Either way, purchasing motorcycle insurance is a mandatory step for anyone who cares about keeping themselves and their property safe while on the road. 

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