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If your home or personal belongings are damaged in fire, theft, or weather, your home insurance will likely have you covered. However, homeowners insurance also covers other incidents. Many insurance policies will include both the house itself and the property inside of it, but not all.
If you have a mortgage on your home, and the vast majority of Americans do, your lender will generally require you have homeowners insurance that meets specific qualifications. The quotes you receive for this type of coverage may have a lot to do with your mortgage holder.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Your Home

This can include damage to the structure from weather, water, fire. etc.

Your Belongings

Any of your personal belongings in the home can be protected.


If there's an unforeseen liability you might incur if someone else is injured at your home. You're covered.

How Can You Be Sure You're Getting the Right Coverage?

1. Get Several Quotes

There are a lot of different providers when you’re searching for Homeowners insurance quotes. Be sure to choose what fits your needs best.

2. Understand Your Needs

Your policy will explicitly discuss what types of events are and are not covered. You will want coverage appropriate for where you live. For example, there is likely little need for coverage for snow-related damage in Florida, but you might need coverage that deals with the aftermath of a hurricane, like high winds and flooding.

3. What Hazards to Be Aware Of

Many policies will explain a few specific hazards that it will cover and add a provision that covers any situation not explicitly named. However, home insurance policies include a wide array of exceptions as well.

Some home insurance exceptions are extremely rare. However, earthquakes and floods may be something you really need coverage for.

In that case, you can often purchase an additional amount of coverage for that specific peril. These are often referred to as “riders.”
Intentional Acts or Neglect

Depending on specific home owners coverage these may or may not be covered.


Clearly a catastrophic event and most insurance coverages will include as long as you're prepared.


Another unlikely need for insurance but in the event, you can be covered.

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