My Pet Has A Pre-Existing Condition: Will My Pet Insurance Cover It?

Your pet is a member of your family. You love them with your whole heart and you do your best to make sure that they remain happy and healthy. When your pet gets sick or injured, you want nothing more than for them to get better. The problem, however, is that vet bills can add up very quickly and the numbers can be scary. 

If you’re like most pet owners, you want the best for your pet. The thought of those expensive vet bills can be a bit daunting, though. Pet insurance can help you to keep the cost of veterinary bills down while still providing your pet with the care they deserve. 

But what if your pet has a pre-existing condition? A major concern of many pet parents is whether or not pet insurance will cover any conditions their pets have prior to signing up for a policy. Here’s what you need to know about pet insurance and pre-existing conditions. 

What Pet Insurance Is

Pet insurance is kind of like a health insurance policy that’s designed specifically for pets. It’s designed to help cover the cost of any illnesses or injuries that your pet develops over the course of their life. You pay a monthly premium, which is based on several factors, such as the age of your pet, the type of pet you have, their breed, and where you live. Not all insurance companies are the same, nor will their policies cost the same. Much like human health insurance, the premium costs vary from one provider to the next.

In addition to a monthly premium, pet insurance policies have a deductible. This is the amount of money you have to spend out of pocket before your coverage begins. There are a few types of deductibles that may be available such as annual and per incident. You are also able to select the amount of your deductible, allowing you to make the best choice for you. 

Defining a Pre-Existing Condition

When you get a quote for a pet insurance policy, you are asked numerous questions. One of the most important questions that you will need to answer is whether or not your pet has a pre-existing condition. This term refers to any injury or illness that exists prior to the beginning of your pet’s enrollment. These conditions might be things such as diabetes, cancer, urinary issues, allergies, and certain types of injuries. If you know that your pet has a certain condition prior to enrolling in a pet insurance plan, it is essential that you disclose it. 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Unfortunately, pet insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. If you pet was diagnosed with an illness such as cancer or epilepsy prior to getting insurance, the cost of care for that condition will not be covered. If your pet was exhibiting certain symptoms prior to getting pet insurance but was not formally diagnosed until after the start of the policy, that condition would also be considered pre-existing and would therefore not be covered.

Every pet insurance provider has a slightly different definition of what constitutes a pre-existing condition. This is one of the reasons why shopping around is so important. Just because one company defines your pet’s condition as pre-existing, there may be another company that defines it differently. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that just because your pet has a pre-existing condition, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a pet insurance policy. Any policy you do purchase will cover new injuries or illnesses that develop over the course of your pet’s life as long as they are not deemed to a result of their pre-existing condition. 

Are There Any Exceptions?

The presence of a pre-existing condition doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are times when your pet’s condition may actually be covered. Some companies will take a look at your pet’s health history to determine if there are any symptoms of pre-existing conditions. They may only look back a certain amount of time, such as 12 or 18 months. If no symptoms were present during that timeframe (even if they were present earlier in your pet’s life), the condition wouldn’t be considered pre-existing.

There are also instances in which insurance providers may still provide coverage if your pet’s condition is considered curable. If your pet remains free of symptoms for a set period of time, you may then be able to have the same issue covered if it reappears later.

Should I Still Buy Pet Insurance?

You may be wondering if you should still purchase pet insurance if your pet has a pre-existing condition. There is no right or wrong answer. You need to make the determination of whether or not it’s worth it to purchase a policy. 

Although your pet won’t receive coverage for their pre-existing condition, they will still be covered for other conditions that might develop later on during the course of their life. This can help to keep your vet bills from climbing even higher as your pet gets older. Your best option if you want to purchase a pet insurance policy is to buy when your pet is still young. 

You care a great deal about your pet and want to provide them with the best care possible. Unfortunately, vet bills can be expensive, and can put a lot of financial stress on a family. A pet insurance plan can help to alleviate the financial burden. Even though pet insurance won’t provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, that doesn’t mean it still can’t be beneficial. The policy might not cover your pet’s pre-existing condition, but it can help to alleviate the strain of having to spend even more money later should your pet develop a new condition in the future. 

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